Resource Room Hosts First Trunk Show to the Public

The Resource Room in Nixa is an exclusive showroom for interior designers to order materials and showcase their talents for clients. On Friday, April 29, the Resource Room hosted its first ever “Trunk Show” allowing the public to meet the designers!

Four designers were on hand:

Nancy Dahlberg

Nancy has a passion for the healing powers of nature and the use of green products. A former nurse, Nancy believes many of the healing powers in nature also overlap into design work. She also is a student of Universal Design—the concept that allows people with special needs to

make the best use of their space. This goes hand in hand with another concept Nancy embraces—Aging in Place. “People enjoy being able to live out their lives at home as they age, rather than go to a nursing facility; Aging in Place offers them the adjustments to their living environment to do that.”

     “I enjoy helping people with design ideas from the floor plan on up,” she says.  “I love fabric, color, paint— all the elements that go into making a beautiful space for families.”

     Nancy grew up around creative parents who always had projects going. As her own three children grew and left home, she and her husband built a showpiece house on Table Rock Lake. Featured in a magazine, the home has glass on both sides to view the forest on one side and the lake on the other. “No matter what is going on outside with the weather, you can feel like you’re outside from the comfort of home,” Nancy says. 

Kevin Parnell

Kevin received a key bit of advice from an old boss. “He liked reds, golds, and antiques,”  Kevin recalls. “He was a perfectionist.”

     After months of creating the right scheme, Kevin was ready to show off his stuff to his perfectionistic boss and got a

different perspective that helped him for life. 

   “He said, 'if you stand back and look at it; the reds are a bit too red; the golds are a bit too gold. Imagine a dusting of dirt on everything to tone it down.”

     Historic colors, with more subtlety, are timeless, Kevin says. And that’s how he keeps timeless customers years after year.

     “The Springfield area is a wonderful place; designers here help each other out.”

Patti Elkins

 “We are very, very fortunate to have Melissa and Paul (owners of Unique Tile & The Resource Room) do this for us,” says Patti. “We’d have to go to Kansas City or Dallas if this wasn’t here.”

     Patti grew up decorating cardboard box houses her construction dad made for her. “I grew up around paint, fabric, and designers. I soon discovered I had a good eye for design.”

     Patti worked in a shop as a designer before going independent some 12 years ago. During the Trunk Show Friday, she met a former customer from the other shop, and the two hit it off. “Having a relationship with people is what this business is all about.”

“They (the Resource Room) do a great job and they help us do a great job,” Patti says. “I use the Resource Room almost exclusively.”

medical doctor team. She fell in love with the twin baby boys she watched, but something more was stirring as well.

     “I am passionate about creating spacing suited for an individual’s family’s needs. Knowing this family segued into helping them design their environment for their home.”

     Eventually they referred Erica to other doctors they knew. She was able to do nanny and design work for them as well!

     Erica’s passion to work with the public and private areas of her clients’ homes leads her to get close to them as people. “I’m getting to know a construction business family who has a baseball diamond in their back yard,” she says. “Getting to know their interests in community and family is essential to help them express what they want to accomplish in life.”

     Picasso said the best artists steal ideas from other artists. “I get inspired by others but always use my own twist for a truly unique experience.”

Erica Lea Hendrix

Originally from Minnesota, Erica moved here in 2007 right as an economic downturn struck. “No one was hiring designers,” she says. She found herself working

as a nanny for a husband-wife

For more information about the Resource Room or to find an interior designer,  call 417-725-4000.

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