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From the vibrant designs she began producing at art school in the 1960s to the big, brilliant wallpaper and fabrics that make up her collections, Anna's style is always evolving.

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The extraordinary brand known as Antonina Vella is dedicated to an upbeat, up market approach to innovation, design concepts and international influences.

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A Street Prints.jpeg

With a legacy in wallpaper, A-Street Prints's pursuit is to design and create wallpapers that speak to today’s most coveted design trends.

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Aviva Stanoff Design has manufactured and sourced home décor creations that embody deliberate luxury.

Brewster Home Fashions.png

Brewster's roots are in traditional wallcoverings, but in the past decade, we've evolved into a home décor brand covering wall art, home accessories, flooring, small furniture, and more.

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Mirroring the essence of Candice Olson’s core beliefs and design aesthetics, classic styles are reinterpreted to create magnificent wallpapers that are contemporary and timeless.

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Carey Lind wallcoverings are known for their contemporary patterns. Geometrics abound and stylized florals and toiles are designed for a modern lifestyle.


Known for an artful approach and an authentic process, the Carl Robinson Brand explores texture, pattern, scale and the natural beauty of the materials.

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Look to Collins Wallpaper for a stunning and diverse selection of patterns and themes assembled with materials and colors that will surprise you and your guests.

Etten Wallcoverings.webp

Etten Gallerie is the signature series of fine printed wallpaper collections. Designers and printers have developed many new printing techniques using state of the art environmentally conscious materials.


With outspoken and colourful designs for wallpaper and fabrics, Eijiffinger would like to make your world more beautiful. This has been the goal for over 145 years.


Fabricut offers an array of traditional, transitional and contemporary styles, patterns and palettes available, and is the designer’s preference for fabrics, trimmings, decorative drapery hardware and wallcoverings.

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Printed with exceptional quality materials and fine attention to detail, Kenneth James wallpapers exemplify elegant design.

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